A New Home for Thomas University

After months of talks with landowners and contractors around the Thomasville area, Thomas University officials say they have found a new place to call home.

Since 1950, Thomas University has stood on 27 acres on the south side of Thomasville. Now, school officials say it's time for a change.

"We don't have any kind of recreation space, inadequate library space, inadequate laboratory and computer space on campus."

After six consecutive semesters of enrollment growth and an estimated doubled student body by this time next year, school officials say they'll rebuild on the pecan orchard on Highway 319.

The new property offers about 40 more acres than the university currently has. School officials say that's plenty of room for new buildings, athletic fields and plenty more students.

John Hutchinson, President of Thomas University, says, "It's just an ideal size of land for the campus we want to have. It's sufficiently large to accommodate not only our current students but our significant growth into the future."

School officials hope moving the campus to a more prominent, convenient location will attract more students, and their new facility and larger student body will help the university move smoothly into the future.

University officials say they have a contract on the property. If they are cleared to buy it, they hope to break ground on the new campus after some heavy-duty fundraising in the fall.