Soldier Scholarships at TCC

Post 9/11 soldiers returning from duty overseas are getting special recognition from a local college. Thursday TCC honored eight students for their service with a newly created scholarship.

Months ago soldiers turned TCC students were in combat overseas. David Smith served eight years of active duty.

“On the end of our deployment I was sent to Iraq for about a month and then we returned home,” says David.

Thursday, TCC's Foundation board honored Smith and seven other students with United States veteran scholarships, each receiving $1,000 a piece. One board member expressed his gratitude saying it brought tears to his eyes thinking about their bravery and courage.

Marjorie Turnbull of the TCC Foundation says, “We felt it was important to let them know we respect them, but also help them in any way we can.”

Christopher Vasilakis says he can use the help, and he will.

“This is definitely going toward books tuition supplies. It will allow me not to work as much, study more and get a better education. I think it’s great, I feel everyone should be given some type of honor, I just feel really good about it,” says Christopher.

This is the first time TCC has designated funds for post 9/11 veterans.