Aggressive Truck Driving

Troopers in Florida have truck drivers in their sites this week as they crack down on speeding, tailgating and more. If you've ever seen the grill of a semi in your rear view mirror or had debris fall off a truck and strike your car, you'll want to know about Operation Safe Ride.

A truck packed with tree stumps lumbers down Capital Circle, its load spilling over the side. It turns out the driver had already been ticketed for snagging a power line when he was stopped by a trooper.

"You gotta have a cover on this, you gotta have a cover on this type of load. You can't have anything overhanging the left side of the truck."

Troopers typically target trucks for speeding and tailgating hazardous habits when you're toting two tons or more.

LT John Bagnardi with FHP says, "When you hit something with something that large, a direct hit, then unfortunately you're not going to survive. Again, it goes back to why it's a public outcry."

This week not only are troopers keeping truckers honest on the interstate, they're stopping dump trucks like this whose loads are not secured and whose safety aren't up to snuff.

“You need to get the tag on the front. You need to find out where the tag is and you need to get all the paperwork for the truck and have it with you."

There are an extra 200 troopers on the road through Friday ready to write tickets just like this one. In the latest year on record, commercial and semi trucks were involved in more than 13,000 crashes in Florida, crashes that claimed 399 lives and injured another 8,600 people.