Rudy Maloy in Court for Legal Fees Hearing

He is now watching as lawyers debate who should pay his hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills. A judge heard the case Thursday morning.

Maloy's lawyers have filed suit to try to force Leon County to pick up the tab, but county lawyers want the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Association of Counties added as co-defendants if a judge decides Leon County must pay Maloy's legal fees.

Bruce Minnick, who defended Maloy in the ethics case, says, "The county's argument here is if it's true we have to pay a lot of money, we want someone else to help us pay for it. Since the commissioner was traveling for FAC and FDOT those two entities should help us pay."

"It's in the court system now. It will decide. There's nothing Mr. Minnick can do to intimidate me or the commission. Quite frankly, I think Mr. Maloy should pay his legal bills," says Leon Count Commissioner, Tony Grippa.

Leon County could pay more than $500,000 for bills Maloy accrued in his sexual harassment and theft cases.

Maloy was eventually cleared in a court of law and by the Florida Ethics Commission. It could be several weeks before the judge issues a ruling on the legal fees.