Teen Report: Sexual Abstinence

Some teens are hoping to "stomp" out this epidemic by promoting abstinence.

Step by Step, these teens are trying to avoid the pressures of sex and drugs by taking a proactive stance.

The Tallahassee group TAS, Teens Against Sex and Drugs, is hoping to curb this problem by educating other teens about the consequences involved in premarital sex.

"It's important for teens to stay abstinent and remain sexually pure because there are a lot of dangers when you get involved with sex at a young age,” explains TAS President Betty Walker.

Dangers that arose when Renee Rawlins' 13-year-old daughter confronted her about the issue of sex.

“I wanted to find more information out about it for a group of teens because if she had these questions imagine all the other teens that didn't have that support come up and ask all these questions,” Rawlins adds.

The lack of resources forced Rawlins to form TAS, giving these girls an outlet to share their problems and create a strong bond to support each other during trying times.

"It shows that you can have fun and be abstinent at the same time,” comments TAS member Janar Tompkins.

Organizers hope the lessons learned here will encourage other teens to take a stand and follow the steps toward success.

To learn more about the group you can call TAS at 222-7705.