Active Lifestyles for Seniors

An annual expo is hoping to show senior citizens how to live life to the fullest by being active as well as staying on top of their health. In this Feature at Five we head out to the Sixth Annual Active Living Senior Expo.

The Active Living Senior Expo is showing older citizens how to live life to the fullest. Over 75 booths lined TCC's gymnasium from crafts to medical info to massage to the Florida Trails Association.

Terry Tenold of the Florida Trails Association says, “It doesn't have to be a strenuous activity, it can be a leisurely activity.”

Coordinators from the Tallahassee Senior Center say the goal is to show seniors how much life has to offer.

Mary Lee Cunill of the Tallahassee Senior Center says, “Seniors are now two generations from 55-100, so that's two generations and that's why we're interested in a variety of different things.”

We managed to drag 77-year-old Sarah Neeley off of the dance floor. She says she likes to swing by the booths.

You can always stop and say what services do you offer because seeing an ad in the newspaper doesn't give you much of a clue of what's out there.

Don Rapp, a very active senior, says the expo is priceless. Typically about 1,000 seniors attend the annual expo.