Humanatee Day

These children are ringing in the manatee season with brush on art and colorful displays. If you ask them why they say, "They're cool, to help them because they always get cut by boats," said Aimie Law, who loves the manatee.

Manatee season has arrived. A seven-month stretch when the elephant's closest cousin of the sea floods the Wakulla River.

Jessica Law recalls, "I remember one time we saw babies. They weigh like 300 pounds".

But don't let their size fool you- in fact these creatures are real gentle and real vulnerable to boats.

"If we could just get them to slow down in speed zones and just look out for the manatee,” said Bonnie Abellera, FWC Manatee Educator.

It's a common mistake among boaters and it's the reason behind this festival. The manatee is a precious animal for Floridians because of its uniqueness and its endangered status.

This is the 14th Annual Humanatee Festival with all the proceeds going to promote manatee safety throughout the year.