Haitian Teen Learns to Walk

Laughs and giggles are all you hear when Milode Rosemui slowly breezes by tied to a walker. The 14-year-old is learning to walk again one step at a time.

Mariana Herceg, an Operation Walk volunteer, said, “She is a tiny girl but a strong child.”

Darnel Paul, a Haitian Culture Club member, said, “She's very caring and loving.”

Jeanette George, also a Haitian Culture Club President, said, “She really loves to laugh, it's a smile on her face.”

Flashing those pearly whites is her favorite response to any questions asked. In fact, this girl is very camera shy, but she's well aware of the magnitude of her stay. It wasn't long ago- when Milode was walking on crooked legs- the result of Ricketts- a condition she's lived with 14 years, one that could have taken her life if this doctor didn't visit her village.

Dr. Woodie Smith who discovered Milode in Haiti says, “I see hundreds of people, but I just knew in my heart I had to do something for her.”

After months of planning and piles of paperwork, Milode made it to Tallahassee. She's endured four operations at Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic. She's undergone rehabilitation and she continues to recover each day.

Dr. Woodie added, “This time next year she will walk on two strong legs that was the goal from the beginning.”

A goal that started with one man but ended with a team of volunteers, all of which say their lives have changed thanks to this little girl.

Dr. Don Dewey of TOC donated his surgical services and volunteers from all over Tallahassee chipped in during Milode's four-month stay.