Airfest 2004

F16s and F 15s operated by Air Force pilots to make sure servicemen overseas have the best there is to offer.

MAJ Scott Wierzbarow, a pilot with the United States Air Force, said, “Most of the new weapons that are in Iraq right now have come through our squadron at one time or another."

Other pilots flew above the stratosphere into the great beyond.

Winston Scott, a former NASA Astronaut, said, “I was on the space shuttle endeavor for 96, nine days and I was the flight engineer and my second space flight was Columbia.”

While Scott discussed his missions in outer space, other visitors went back further in time to the 50's. The pilot of a T-28 was nice enough to give us a test flight. Some of the biggest draws are these old wartime planes back from the WW II era. Veterans these days were used to seeing them from the ground when they were in combat. Now they can see them close up.

Mike Beaver, a T-28 pilot said, “They flew them during the war, and you see them get a tear in their eye." The Airfest serves as more than just a show for also gives pilots a chance to brainstorm on problem solving.

Peter Rayner, spokesman for Airfest 2004, said, “It's an exchange of ideas. To be able to pass along things you've worked on."

Working through history and machines to make sure we have the very latest in flying power. The Airfest continues Monday at the Tallahassee Regional Airport until 3 p.m. Sunday.