Drug Bust in Clinch County

Another major drug bust has gone down in our area, sweeping several hundred thousand dollars worth of marijuana off the streets. The latest bust took place Monday in Clinch County, Georgia, just miles from a similar bust in Echols County less than two weeks ago.

There is something significant about Monday’s bust. The bust effectively shuts down a major supply of marijuana not only in south Georgia, but the entire southeast.

Authorities from the Clinch County Sheriff's Office pulled over 250 marijuana plants out of the large wooded area on Monday.

Winston Peterson, Clinch County Sheriff, says, "When it’s fully grown it would be valued at $500,000 and that means a lot. It’s not on the streets of Clinch County, or Georgia or Florida, probably some of this would have been sold in Florida."

These plants were discovered a short drive from a moonshine and marijuana bust, which occurred back on May 4 in neighboring Echols County.

Peterson adds, "We've gathered a lot of evidence from this scene and I'm pretty sure we're gonna get fingerprints and make two arrest in this investigation."

While the sheriff says busting up this marijuana program helps get pot off the streets of south Georgia, he says marijuana is not the biggest problem facing his county.

"Crack cocaine and crank are really bad in Clinch County. It’s really bad all over the state of Georgia, but we're having a time with it, fighting it. I think we've made 25 arrest this year already for crack," says Peterson.

The sheriff admits the war on drugs is never ending, but it's a battle that will continue in Clinch County. The sheriff is confident arrests will be made in this case, because finger prints were found at the marijuana site, which should make it easy to track down the growers.

Investigators say they have evidence and tips that there are several hundred more plants deep in the woods, so there will likely be more busts during the week.