Emancipation Day in Jefferson County

May 20 marks another special day in history for African Americans, Emancipation Day, when slaves in Florida were freed.

Monday, Jefferson County residents took part in a parade to remember their past and celebrate the future. Monday was set aside as a day to celebrate Emancipation Day in Monticello, a historic moment in history that guaranteed freedom for slaves.

Organizers say it's important for parents to teach children about their history and the significance of their freedom.

Charles Parrish, parade organizer, says, "If you don't know your history you have a tendency to repeat it. This is our independence day and we want to make sure that our children and children's children keep up this legacy as far as celebrating our freedom from slavery.”

A legacy some believe should be etched in the minds of children for years to come.

"They should be taught about what this parade is all about, not what they see today, the meaning behind the parade as long as we teach our kids what they meaning is and they should understand what this parade is all about," says Alma Lewis, a Jefferson County resident.

A lesson these children say they're already learning.

"It means a lot to me ‘cause it reminds me of everyone who participated in segregation. It means a lot like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks. It reminds me of a day that we God blessed us with," says Kimyrian Kirksey.

The event culminated at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Park where folks got a chance to mingle with each other. All the public schools in Jefferson County were closed Monday in honor of Emancipation Day.