Click It or Ticket

Studies show programs such as Click It or Ticket have led to a greater usage of seat belts. However, the statistics are still grim with 60 percent of those killed on the roads unrestrained.

Tuesday, local law enforcement drove home that point. A re-enactment of a party is how the scenario began. The mock crash was to show how deadly drinking and driving as well as not wearing your seat belt can be.

Prior to the simulated tragedy law enforcement made an announcement.

Kevin Thibault, Assistant Secretary for FDOT, says, “From May 24th through June 6th these agencies in Florida as well as nationwide will greatly intensify enforcement of safely belts and child restraint laws.

Meaning either you click it or ticket. Department of Highway statistics show traffic crashes are a leading cause of death in children and adults throughout the U.S.

Terrence Schiavone of NHTSA says, “If Florida can raise the current seat belt use from 72.6 to 79 percent we estimate we'd save close to 130 lives a year.”

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell says he wishes people who don't wear seat belt see the devastation of a car crash first hand.