Injured Soldier

A young area soldier is home after being seriously injured in Iraq. Now, after being awarded the Purple Heart, he wonders if the fighting is all worth it.

Corporal James Jordan had to leave his company in Fallujah, Iraq. He has been in and out of hospitals overseas and all over the United States, but he says that all comes with serving his country.

May 1, 2004 will forever be imprinted on Corporal James Jordan's mind. It's the closest he's ever come to death when the vehicle he was riding in Fallujah, Iraq was hit by enemy explosives.

"I got sick to my stomach and went into shock and they pulled me out of the truck and laid me on the ground. There was blood everywhere under my legs,” says Jordan.

Chunks of flesh the size of oranges were torn from Jordan's knees. He was immediately taken to an Army hospital in Germany then met by his family at Walter Reid Medical Center in Virginia.

Judy Jordan, James' grandmother, says, "When he first called I was hysterical, but quiet hysterical because I didn't want him to know I was so scared."

James and his family are expecting his Purple Heart to come in the mail sometime this week, but he says after all the pain he's endured he wonders if the honor is really worth it.

James says his experience hasn't taken away his courage. Next month he's heading back up to New York to rejoin the Bravo Company 132 and finish the year he has left to serve his country.

Until his convalescence leave is over James will be going through physical therapy in Tallahassee and Cairo. As of right now, the rest of his company is not set to come back to Fort Drum, New York until November, so when he is ready to serve they will have to re-evaluate the situation.