Awaiting Final Vote

Thomas University is in the home stretch of its relocation plans. The school is now awaiting final vote by the Board of Commissioners for its new site, but there's some folks who aren't welcoming the new location with open arms.

Robert Booker says Thomas University has a good reputation and it's not the university he's concerned with, it's what comes with the territory. Booker lives off Springhill Road near Thomas University's proposed relocation site off of Highway 319.

"They say this road will be restricted to public access, but what is that exactly? There could be student and faculty, an awful lot of traffic going through here," says Booker.

Thomas University's president promises to be a good neighbor to the area. He says the facility could even result in an increase of property values in the neighborhood.

Dr. Hutchinson, president of Thomas University, says, "With all the conservation easement there will be a lot of pressure for this area for commercial development. We think the campus will be a wonderful addition to the area, wonderful green space, lovely buildings, an enhancement to the area."

"Is Thomas County going to protect us from night clubs and other cultural things that might want to move in this area, that would pretty much take away from the reason why most of us built out here," adds Booker.

Booker says he's accepted the imminence of the university's move, he just hopes county officials keep the public's concerns in mind.

Thomas County's planning and land use commission director says the land meets all criteria for an educational facility and there are no plans for additional commercial development around the property.