Grief Counseling Success Story

He credits a Florida program for getting him back on his feet and helping him overcome one of his greatest hurdles.

Five years ago Frank Pender lost his wife to kidney failure. Following her death, he suffered major depression and fell into heavy substance abuse.

Pender now thanks the Florida Vocational Rehabilitation Program for getting him off drugs and alcohol and helping him find a job.

“When a person goes through changes like that, he really needs love, kindness, special love, and they showed me that there,” shares Pender.

"Sometimes they need our agency to act as a mediator, or someone to intervene or advocate on their behalf to help them show an employer what they're able to do,” comments Larae Jemison, a VR counselor.

Florida's VR program helps people with disabilities become part of the workforce. Last year VR helped nearly 10,000 Floridians find jobs.