Florida Takes AT&T to Court

Charlie Crist says the long distance giant has been refusing to refund the over charges unless customers sign up for AT&T service.

The Attorney General says AT&T intentionally engaged in fraudulent and misleading conduct by refusing to refund customers money unless they signed up for long distance service.

“The company countered that it discovered the billing problem that incorrectly sent bills to a million people customers and that the problem was being fixed,” explains Chris Kise, solicitor general.

“Three consumers testified they got bills they didn’t owe and had trouble getting their money back,” says Robert Pass of AT&T.

Orlando musician Deborah Dansby Wels called her conversation comical.

“Then the case came to a standstill when a former AT&T sales rep was about to testify about a document the company wants kept secret,” Wels shares.

Jennifer Sierzanga finally did testify and says her job was threatened if she was too helpful to customers, “The hearing resumes tomorrow when the judge will rule whether AT&T can keep the call script secret.”

A ruling on whether AT&T must refund the money without delay could also come Wednesday. The full case alleging fraud is expected to last for months.