Steele Collins Charter Middle School Makes a Big Move

A Leon County school will soon be relocated. During Tuesday night's School Board meeting members agreed to move the Steele Collins Charter Middle School to Tallahassee Community College. Supporters say it will help with safety, space and education issues.

Driving on Tennessee Street you could also miss it, but every day around 65 students attend the Steele Collins Charter Middle School, but soon students will leave this small renovated restaurant behind and head to Tallahassee Community College.

Dr. Bill Law, president of TCC, says, “We'll do some renovations, they'll repay us and we'll have a seven year agreement. We feel it will free up time for student services issues.”

TCC's Eagle Nest child care facility will turn into the Steele Collins Middle School. Leon County school officials say it will ease safety concerns, something a handful of picketing parents voiced one year ago.

“From a school district point of view, where there will be a school bus parking lot to separate traffic that's a definite plus, says Dr. Jim Croteau of LCS Planning and Policy.

Steele Collins principal Mary Henry says the relocation will boost the current mentoring partnership they have with the community college.

Mary Henry, Steele Collins principal, says, “Being on campus will help them provide the services they want to such as science, libraries. Hopefully and athletic facilities.”

TCC's Eagle Nest child care facility will be relocated elsewhere on campus. School leaders hope to move in by January of 2005.