The Inventor of the Chop and Chop

What started as a simple idea has become the recipe for success for one local couple. Their invention has found itself a home in kitchens around the country.

Some inventions never make it past the cutting room floor, but for Marvin and Elle Mick, food has been more than the way to a person's heart. It’s given them a front door key to the bank.

"We have quite a few chefs who use it, we sell quite a few products to culinary centers. They use it as they train chefs and so forth," says Marvin Mick.

The invention is called the Chop and Chop, a flexible cutting board that comes in different colors to help prevent cross contamination while cooking.

"It has a picture of a steak on it for your meat, we also have one for fish on it. We also have one that you use for vegetables and cheese," says Marvin.

This product has been featured numerous times on QVC and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Marvin adds, "When people see this item, they say this is a great idea, I wish I had come up with that, which always makes you feel good when it's something everyone can understand. They say oh, what a simple, great idea."

Mick says if you think you may have a good idea for an invention it doesn't hurt to claim it before someone else does.

“Try to get a patent on it because that does protect you from people with a like idea, or who see yours and who want to rip you off, and it’s very important in this day and age," says Marvin.

The Chop and Chop can be purchased at Brown's Home Kitchen in Tallahassee. All the Mick’s would say about their next invention is that it's similar but centered around arts and crafts rather than cooking.