Abandoned Waterworks Building Won't Be Saved

Wednesday night there was a decision dealing with the future of the 100-year-old structure.

On the corner of Gadsden and Gaines Streets stands the old City of Tallahassee Waterworks building.

“The shell of the structure is estimated to cost about $711,000, to restore the inside is another $200,000, so a total of about $900,000," says Wayne Tedder, Director, Planning Department.

By default, the building is not going to be restored. Commissioner Debbie Lightsey is unhappy and disappointed, "I think it needs to be done. It's our building. It has incredible historic value architecturally. "

During a city commission workshop commissioners voted whether or not to save the building. It ended in a tie.

"I think the waterworks building is unfortunately something we're not in a position to afford,” explains City of Tallahassee Commissioner Allan Katz.

In this case, the tie vote means, the building won't be saved. The vote was a tie, with two and two because Commissioner Mark Mustian wasn't in attendance at Wednesday’s workshop.

The Waterworks building was bought by the city around 1904. It was closed in 1958 and completely abandoned in the 1970's.