Back to School for Summer Camp

The countdown is on. In just one week, students across Leon County will say farewell to another year and hello to summer, but with time away from school comes the added pressure on parents to keep their kids busy and out of trouble.

There are many choices, one choice could be your child's school. Eleven local schools are opening their doors, giving kids a safe haven for the summer

Summer supervision seems to stump many parents wondering what to do with their school aged children when the final bell rings.

Sue Foster, principal at Belle Vue Middle School, says, "Our kids don't have the advantages that other kids have in higher socio-economic backgrounds, which is important for them to be here."

Which is where most of them will be when school shuts down, but it's not for remedial reading, instead they'll be enrolled in summer camp.

Stephen Bowen says, "Want to provide safety net across the schools to give children a safe place to go."

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates 15 million latchkey children go home to an empty house on any given afternoon and between the hours of three and six a youth's chance of becoming a victim of crime triples.

But it's more than giving kids a safe place to go, it's about opening the door to new experiences with field trips, mentoring programs and cultural classes.

"They get a glimpse of many of the things out their they can do and become and strive to achieve," adds Stephen Bowen, Program Director.

And hopefully, make a difference in the world because someone made a difference in them.

The best part of all, the camp is free, and the Leon County School Board provides the transportation, all in thanks to a 21st century community learning grant.

If parents want more information, just call your school to find out if they are holding these summer camps. The schools are also looking for business and community sponsorships to help keep the camps going.