The Fast For"word" Program

New technology in the classroom is now helping students who have learning difficulties. Local schools are relying on a neurological computer-based program that works to improve a language and reading skills.

For students who have learning problems, conventional methods of teaching leave them behind.

Mary Freison says, "Many of our kids with some processing problems they're the ones distracted in the classroom."

For those students, Thomasville City Schools have turned to Fast For”word”, a computer web based program made to tap into a child's mind to improve their reading and learning skills.

Mary Frieson, special education service director, adds, "They play games, it works on listening to different sounds. It takes computerized speaking and slows it down so that these children can process."

The students listen to directions through a headset and click on pictures, words and shapes that match what they hear.

Fast Forword focuses on four areas called MAPS: Memory, Attention, Processing, Sequencing. Students say what they like most is that they are having fun and learning at the same time.

Frieson says though the programs called "Fast Forword" they don't expect it to make miracles over night, but they do hope to see a steady pace of improvement.

“Fast Forword” has been in place since February for third and fourth grade students. Schools officials are hoping to see better CRCT test scores from students in the program..