Traffic Calming in Tallahassee and Leon County

Some people are clamoring for it, others are enraged by it. The speed bumps and s-curves are being used more and more. Traffic calming is something being discussed in Leon County and the City of Tallahassee.

It's a hot topic for neighborhoods, especially ones with roads used as cut-throughs, but for people living in the city, if you want traffic calming in your neighborhood, it's just become a little bit more difficult.

If you drive through any neighborhood in Tallahassee and ask people how they feel about traffic calming, you're bound to get an earful.

Michael Moncrief says, "I think it's very necessary because people have been speeding. It's been like a dragway. It's been going on for 20 years."

Heather Horton adds, "Speed bumps, I think they tear your car up and personally, if you can't follow speed limits you should have radars, not bumps."

The City of Tallahassee says traffic calming is sometimes necessary.

Gabe Menendez, director for the Public Works Department, says, "Traffic volumes and high speeders are not necessary on residential streets. This program goes in and helps alleviate those traffic issues."

The city's traffic calming program uses different methods to slow down speeding drivers. Things like shakanes, medians, traffic circles or the popular speed bumps.

Menendez adds, "The program allows us to return the neighborhood streets back to the neighborhoods."

But not everyone agrees. Jeanette Carcen says, "Because they make them way too big! When you drive over them in your vehicle or if you have a trailer, you have to come a complete stop almost."

And others say speed calming is a great idea.

"I'm grateful it's here because it's slowing down. We have a lot of cut-through traffic," says Francis Hartnett-Angara.

The city says in order for a street to make the list for traffic calming, the street must have 85 percent of drivers going five miles or more over the speed limit. There are 16 streets that will still get the traffic calming, but the rest are on hold until the commission and citizens can address some concerns about the process.

The list of City of Tallahassee streets for traffic calming includes:

Pontiac Dr.
Keith St.
Armistead Rd.
Coble Dr.
Skyland Dr.
North Ride
Harwood St.
Collins Dr.
Appledore Ln.
Woodland Rd.
Thomas Rd.
Bermuda Rd.
Limerick Rd.
Fairlane Rd.
Millard St.