Man Accused of Holding Son Hostage Pleas No Contest

Chuck Sapp’s trial was supposed to begin Thursday, but an eleventh hour plea will spare him a possible life sentence.

It was a haunting 9-1-1 call that brought Tallahassee Police to a house in Hartsfield Woods. Fifty-two-year-old Chuck Sapp was inside, accused of breaking in to his estranged wife's home and holding his two-year-old son hostage.

TAC Team members ultimately stormed in, subdued Sapp, and rescued the child. Sapp faced charges of armed burglary, kidnapping, stalking, and more. But as his trial was poised to begin Thursday morning, he decided to enter a no contest plea and avoid the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison.

"It was a surprise. The defendant ended up pleading to the offer that was originally on the table. It's unusual for that to happen at such a late hour, but when it's in the best interest of the victim and all the parties at stake, we do allow it."

Sapp will spend 40 months in prison. That will be followed by five years probation in which he is to have no contact with his former wife or the little boy he held hostage that November night.

Sapp will actually be out of prison in less than three years. He'll get credit for the six months he's already spent in jail.