Ahead of Schedule

The construction of the Blairstone Road extension began in 2001. Friday, the city announced that the next segment is going to open ahead of schedule.

The first things commuters need to know when it comes to the newest section of the Blairstone extension:

“We're opening it up early. It's something the area has needed for a long time. We've come together and built a roadway everyone can be proud of," says Gariel Menendez, director of Public Works.

The section of the road from Miccosukee and Capital Circle Northeast should open to drivers sometime in August, three months early.

In the meantime, the city wants drivers to know about some road detours while the extension is finished.

D.J. Hartley, Blairstone Road project manager, says, "During the closure we just ask that everyone pay attention to the detours. Please don't try to move signs and drive on the closed roads."

Beginning June 1, Centerville Road will be closed from Capital Circle to Fleishmann Road for about two months.

Mike McGee says, "I'm not looking forward to the way they're going to re-do this area because now it's going to create even more traffic and it's going to reroute my drive."

"I think it's going to be a great addition to roads out here. I'm a little apprehensive, but I think it's going to be a great change," adds Clarence Chapman, owner of Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners.

Weather permitting, Blairstone Road North will be completely finished in 2005.

The city says the dry weather is one of the reasons why the extension is opening early. People living around the area and business were mailed information about the changes and maps with the expected detours.