Research Funding at FSU

An FSU study on research dollars shows universities in the sunshine state were up $100 million last year, with Florida State pulling in about one fourth of that money. University leaders say the increasing funding has led to remarkable discoveries all over campus.

Over the years, increasing funding and creative research has led to recognition as well as hefty royalties. John Fraser, FSU Technology Transfer, says, “In the case of Taxol, that's saved lives, the FSU fight song, selling sheet music and an experience at a football game.

And thanks to funding, a new FSU product is about to check in to hospitals nationwide. The pacifier activated lullaby, created by researchers in the school of music, encourages premature babies to suck, a problem many preemies have.

Jayne Standley, FSU Researcher: “Our research shows babies who are reinforced with music for sucking feed more efficiently and gain weight more than babies that have not used the pacifier.”

Standley says without the support of grants and other funding, the helpful product would still be in the initial stages. Last year, FSU received more than $170 million from federal and state for research.