School Violence

So far this school year, more than 40 weapons have been seized from students in Leon County. Educators hope a new video written by school resource officers and brought to life by Leon County students will end the cycle of violence.

From the sound stage to the classroom, the polished product makes its way to a 7th grade class at Belle Vue Middle School where kids witness what happens when you bring weapons to school.

So far this school year, 47 weapons have been seized from Leon County students, 37 knives, two guns, a bb gun, and a box cutter. While it's not a huge campus complication, officials say each and every incident is taken seriously.

Sheriff Larry Campbell says, "One is too many, and we want kids to see tremendously damaging and life long consequences."

Scene after scene, the students sit still, eyes glued to the set as a student is caught with a gun, arrested and locked up, yet, another scene shows a more severe story line.

Justin Jones says, "How could that situation have been avoided? Boy should have never brought the gun to school."

School resource officers hope this video will keep other kids from making that mistake. The 12-minute video was made possible by a Department of Justice grant. The tapes are being distributed to all Leon County schools.