Rising Gas Prices Fuel Changes

It may not ease your pain at the pump, but crude oil prices were sharply lower to end the week. Still, many Americans are thinking twice about their Memorial Day weekend travels.

Anna Small didn't realize the burden she'd incur when buying a new land rover. She needed a family vehicle, but these days her new set of wheels is costing a pretty penny.

“It's over $2.00, that's more than 45 dollars to fill my tank,” said Anna Small.

At just under $50 for a fill-up, Anna says family road trips may be out of the question.

“We often go camping at the beach. Right now it seems too expensive, ”added Small.

As is the case with many Tallahassee families who say rising fuel costs have gotten out of hand, residents like Robert Nix, who is staying home Memorial Day.

“Gas prices are so expensive. We save by staying in town go to parks do small things around town.”

If you ask the Borgerson family, vacations are like snapshots filled with long lasting memories. They say giving up their family time over a few dollars and cents won't happen.

“As far as family get-together you just don't think about gas prices, it's like let’s go!” said Merlinda Borgersen.

While feelings remain mixed for Memorial Day travel plans, one thing remains the same: these prices. Analysts predict they will remain the same across the board, across the country.

Relief may be in sight. Opec says it will consider upping oil production when it meets next month, but until then analysts say you will see little change at the pump.