Fugitive Task Force Arrests 10 in Perry

U.S. Marshals had a busy morning rounding up fugitives on the streets of Perry.

Nearly a dozen suspects are now under arrest.

U.S. Marshals say a man was running through the attic across the top of the units at Tidewater Apartments in Perry.

Authorities say that man was 19-year-old Brandon Alexander who was running from them Thursday morning.

Neighbor Vickie Jackson said, "They handcuffed him downstairs with his underwear on with nothing else. He was arguing back and forth with the police about something that he didn't do. I don't know."

Authorities say Alexander is a documented gang member who had multiple warrants for battery and drug charges.

Meanwhile across town, a second team of task force officers went to 517 Homer J. Smith Avenue.

Authorities say two men ran from the back of the house, and after a short chase on foot, 22-year-old Johnny Lee Munningham and 29-year-old Leon Smith were arrested and charged with drug violations after marijuana and cocaine were found on them.

Perry resident Eddie Ransom said, "These guys don't have no boats and airplanes and stuff to bring no drugs to Perry. Somebody bigger is doing all the drug dealing; and that's who they need to catch."

Ten people in all were arrested during the fugitives roundup.

Including: Brychoski Jackson, Christopher Kinsey, Lealer Sneed, Richard Clark, Alberta Robinson, Marcus Hamilton, and Sonya Johnson.

Authorities got them all in less than a day.

Some of those other charges I referred to before include: lewd and lascivious sexual battery of a child, fraud, leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a license.

Authorities say when they found Jackson, he was crawling inside a bedroom closet, and say Johnson was hiding inside a false compartment inside of her bathroom closet.

Community members say this shows that task force members were determined, and residents say they appreciate the efforts.

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