Final Bell at Jefferson High School

Summer break is about to begin for Jefferson County students, and when high school students return in the fall they'll be taking classes in a brand new facility.

Jefferson County High School was established in 1832, providing an academic foundation for graduates such as former WCTV anchor Carmen Cummings. Now, today's students will make history with a brand new high school.

Jhan Reichert is a former Jefferson County High School student who is now teaching at her alma mater. The high school is closing its doors this Tuesday to make way for a brand new facility.

"I'm a little sad because of the school moving because it has been a tradition in my family to be here. My father graduated in 1927, my mother in 1931, I graduated in 1971 and my son just recently graduated Friday night,” says Jhan.

That long standing tradition holds true for hundreds of people in Jefferson County, but school officials say in the last 10 years they've been losing an average of 70 students per school year mainly as a result of their declining academic standing. Now, they're hoping the new campus will bring those students back.

"The fact that the new facility will not only generate enthusiasm with the kids, but the community also. So we all hope the things we're doing here will generate some more interest in the school system here,” says Phil Barker, Jefferson County School Superintendent.

So far the enthusiasm is catching on. Some students say they're looking forward to the new school year.

"I feel really good, I'm really excited. I'll be a graduating senior from the school and we'll be the first class graduation from the new school," 11th grader Ashli Washington says.

A new institution that's sure to generate excitement this fall.

Overall the students are excited to move in the new facility. County commissioners have been eyeing the old buildings with hopes of placing all county related businesses in one center.