Interior Repairs at TMH

Patients visiting Tallahassee Memorial Hospital over the next few months may notice some big changes. Right now, TMH is in its first phase of remodeling the interior and eventually relocating entire departments.

Monday a ribbon cutting ceremony was celebrated for the oldest section of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital because this unit has been remodeled and will now house outpatients cardiac diagnostics. Soon, all heart patients will be treated on the same floor as well as all major medical areas.

VP of Public Relations Warren Jones says the hospital is in for several years of renovation.

“Starting in October, that's a big move when the women's center moves into its own facility,” says Jones.

And from there a domino effect will happen throughout the hospital. Dark carpeted hallways will be replaced with bright tile, walls will be painted and eventually all patient rooms will be private.

“Comfort is enhanced for patients and from a doctor's perspective you don't have to share information with another person,” says cardiologist Wayne Batchelor.

The first phase, which includes the renovation of hallways and other common areas, is estimated to cost $2 million. The entire relocation process is expected to take four to five years.