Downtown Thomasville is Refurbished

Thomasville's Rose Festival has come and gone and Victorian Christmas is more than seven months away, but downtown development officials say it's important to keep their historic main street looking sharp year-round!

Brightly painted awnings and colorful storefronts are part of historic downtown Thomasville's charm, but city officials say they realize the upkeep of an historic structure can be difficult.

Sharlene Celaya, Main Street director, says, "We've come to the realization that what we really need in place is a minimum maintenance ordinance."

The ordinance calls for downtown business owners in buildings with things like chipped paint and broken windows to reface their storefronts. Downtown officials say this will keep Thomasville an attractive place for tourists to visit.

"It's all about protecting our buildings and keeping our downtown looking as good as it does."

Many downtown business owners say they agree with the proposed ordinance, and if buildings are maintained on a regular basis no one should have a problem.

Patty Golden, owner of Hennaed Hand, says, "We regularly hire people to come and wash the windows and just recently the owner of the building, and I put up an awning because it adds to the value of the building."

Work is already in progress on some storefronts to prepare for the summer crowds and to maintain the historic beauty of the downtown area.

City staff are in the process of writing a draft ordinance. Its application will be limited to downtown and overlying districts along 319 and 84.