New Thomasville Terminal

As we recently reported, the One-Georgia Authority has granted the Thomasville Municipal Airport with funds for a new terminal. Now, the City of Thomasville is doing their part by putting in new hangars.

The Thomasville Municipal Airport is home to several dozen small airplanes. As of right now, there is no room for any more.

"Recently we had a few smaller businesses come in with smaller jets and we did not have hangar space for them!"

City officials are looking to change that. Monday night they approved the construction of two new hangars for larger planes.

"We have two right now that are very ill-fitted in the hangars they're in and this will free up those hangars for smaller airplanes," says Irv Nesmith of Thomasville Plane Station.

City officials expect the project to cost around $300,000, but they say they already have a plan in place to pay for it.

"We're using third party financing. Some of it's from reserves, others would be financed, and then the lease fees from the hangars would be a means of paying that financing back," says John Wood, a City of Tallahassee engineer.

Thomasville airport officials say they offer clients the same services as other airports, but at a cheaper price, and as long as they make room they feel they can keep bringing in new clients to fill it.

Thomasville officials say if everything goes as planned they're anticipating the new hangars to be up and running within a few months.