Commissioner Looks Into Buying Cheaper Prescription Drugs From Canada

U.S. federal laws make it illegal to buy prescription drugs from Canada, if those same drugs are available here.

However, Leon County Commissioner Bob Rackleff said the county should consider doing exactly that. Rackleff wants to purchase prescription drugs from Canada to lower the costs for employees, retirees and health services programs in Leon County.

Rackleff said, “the fact is this is a national movement by state and local governments and millions of individuals to take advantage of far lower prices in Canada." American pharmaceutical companies estimate many thousands of American's are buying their drugs from our northern neighbors, some by crossing the borders, and others over the internet.

However, not everyone agrees with the commissioner and says the situation is black and white. It's illegal to purchase drugs from Canada. Bill Mincy, PPSC clinical pharmacist, said, “I really wish the Commissioner and the commission would reconsider going to Canada because their safety quality is not as good in Canada as it is here in the States."

Tony Grippa, Leon County Commission, said, “obviously, we can't do anything illegal. I commend Commissioner Rackleff to find ways to cut costs of prescription drugs. It's a serious concern, but when we take an oath for office, we take an oath to uphold the law. We cannot allow Leon County to break it."

However, this could all change, currently there's a federal bill to legalize the purchase of prescription drugs from Canada by Americans.

Tuesday night at the Leon county Commission meeting, Rackleff presented results from a preliminary study about purchasing drugs from Canada.

The commission voted to allow staff to further examine the possibility of purchasing Canadian drugs.