Vandalism at Cairo High School

Police say vandals made their rounds in Cairo, Georgia Tuesday night, breaking windows and burglarizing several buildings in the Cairo school district.

The cleanup process is ongoing at several school buildings in Cairo. Police say they were the target of a vandalism spree early Wednesday morning.

Tim Helms, principal at Cairo High School, says, "The police checked our school at about 1:15 last night, and when they checked back at 2:30 something had happened."

Police and school officials say Cairo High School and its agricultural building, Southside Elementary's maintenance building, and the Crossroads Alternative School were found with broken windows, kicked-in spotlights and dings from B-B or pellet guns.

Police say they have no suspects in custody at this time, but they do believe the vandalism is part of a juvenile prank. They say nothing of any value was stolen except for a notebook computer from the maintenance building.

Wandell Asbell, a Cairo investigator, says, "A lot of kids are out and they're walking the streets and they don't have anything to do, and they're not in school anymore, so all they can find to do is get in trouble. We certainly hope it wasn't any of our students, and we don't believe it is, our students take pride in their school."

Much of the damage was repaired Wednesday morning. Police say their investigation is continuing. Police in Cairo are asking anyone with any information in the case to call them at 229-378-3096.