Water Restrictions in Georgia

A permanent statewide watering ban in Georgia may be closer to fruition. The state is not facing a drought situation, but state officials are considering restricting outdoor water use.

Bill Alexander says rather than water, his lawn has been soaking up the sun lately because of the recent dry spell and running his sprinklers are the only form of relief.

"I'd hate to see restrictions because everyone has gardens and want fresh looking lawns," says Bill.

Low rainfall isn't the only reason for Georgia's proposed watering ban. State officials want to conserve water in preparation of a boost in Georgia's population.

The ban would prevent everyone from watering outdoors on Fridays, and odd and even numbered addresses would alternate days to water.

Tom Callaway, a Thomasville resident, says, "I don't think consumers who use water use water just for lawns, I don't think they would really mind the restrictions too much because they'll allow you to water some through the week"

Businesses and cities outside metro Atlanta say the proposal is too restrictive. Locals say the ban is reasonable and they'll comply with it, but they're still hoping for rainy days.

The Georgia Board of Natural Resources met Wednesday in Atlanta to vote on the proposed ban. Farmers, car washes and anyone who relies on outdoor water use for a business would be exempt from the ban.