New Complaint Against Leon County Commissioner

The Leon County administrator said a firm outside of the political jurisdiction is investigating the allegations.

The complaint was filed by Rudy Maloy's aide, Gwendolyn Simmonds.

The county administrator said he was told by Simmonds that her work environment was "uncomfortable."

Commissioner Maloy said he's done nothing wrong. Leon County Commissioner Rudy Maloy is fighting allegations against him, made by his commission aide.

The commissioner said he's in the dark and confused about the complaint.

Rudy Maloy says, "The only thing I'm aware of, the County Administrator told me there was an allegation, a complaint filed by her, a verbal, not written complaint. The details, I don't have any information on it."

Parwez Alem, Leon County administrator, said, "Basically asked for a transfer from her position and I asked her why. Among other reasons, she gave me the reason it is workplace harassment or the environment is uncomfortable and she wants to be moved to another job."

The county administrator says protocol in such a situation is being followed closely by the county in this investigation. The chair of the board and the director of Human Resources were the first notified of the complaint.

The county administrator said Maloy is an elected official and will not be placed on administrative leave. When he was temporarily removed from his seat three years ago, that was done by the governor because he was charged with a felony.

He was reinstated after being found not guilty of the charges.