Schools Out for the Summer

Signing yearbooks, snapping pictures and saying good bye to another year. For the Swift Creek Middle School eighth graders, that also means saying hello to a new school in the fall.

Angela Hobby, a Swift Creek Middle School 8th grader, said "I'm really looking forward to the freedom of high school and more choices for classes."

Hundreds are making the transition from middle school student to high school freshman, embracing the journey ahead and flashing back fondly on where they've been.

Christan Lucas, an 8th grader at Swift Creek Middle School, added, "For me pretty easy because I study a lot pretty easy. I'm just ready for Lincoln."

For others the fresh facility and faces fuel fear.

"I'm not going to be able to find my classes and making sure I know people, " Erin Peavy said.

Looking back, Leon County school leaders say the year has been a good one; students achieved academically. Compared with the 66 other counties in Florida, Leon ranked 9th in reading and 8th in math.

"Our test scores are up, and we've seen improvement in behavior from our students. We had very few incidents that cause us concern, so it was a good year in Leon County."

The only warps in the record include a football rivalry taken to the extreme, a student arrested for bringing a knife to school and one gun arrest. Leon County students report back to class August 16.