Caught Caring

VSU's new "I Caught You Caring" program is off and running and organizers hope it will transform the campus into a friendlier, happier place to be.

Until now, employees at Valdosta State University only heard criticism from upset students. Now, with the university's new "I Caught You Caring" program, people can hear the many positive things students and visitors have.

Becky Murphy is the Director of "I Caught You Caring" and said, "We didn't really have a mechanism in place to be able to recognize our employees who are already providing exceptional service, so "I Caught You Caring" is a wonderful way to do that."

Hundreds of "caring" displays are around the VSU campus. Whenever a student or visitor wants to say thank you for a job well done, all they need to do is grab a card, fill it out, and the deserving employee will be recognized.

Stanley Jones, who received "Caring" salute, "It obviously makes you feel wonderful, makes it all seem worthwhile, especially on those days when it’s tough, something like this gives you a lot of positive energy."

The program is meant to boost employee moral, but organizers say it should have a bigger effect, helping create a better atmosphere around the entire campus.

"Anytime someone is being warm and friendly, you have a tendency to respond back in that same manner," added Murphy.

A simple way to help make this learning environment a little better for everyone involved.

The program is costing very little because some of the materials have been donated and the rest are part of the university's current budget.