National Award for Medical Outreach

A local college student will have quite a resume when applying to med schools. FSU student Mehran Heravi has won a national award for a program he founded called "Community Medical Outreach."

In this Feature at Five, we learn how his efforts are saving lives. After a medical mission to Haiti, FSU student Mehran Heravi decided our region needed a similar program, one that would help migrant farmers who are underserved and uninsured, but the premed student did.

The Gretna Wellness Center opened in 2003 and more than 130 patients have received free care and life saving medications.

Maria Pouncey, regional migrant coordinator, says, “We do high blood pressure and diabetes checks. We brought in some who had no idea they were diabetic.”

Gadsden County family physician Scottie Whiddon has seen many of the program's patients. He says Mehran has made his part easy.

For his development of the Community Medical Outreach Program, Mehran received a National Humanitarian Award.

Mehran hopes to enroll in med school next year. His goal is to one day have facilities such as the Gretna Wellness Center in place all over the nation.