Eight Bucks for Milk? It Could Happen...

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Tanya Weaver says she buys milk about twice a week for her family which includes two teenage boys

"They use it for cereal, they drink it morning, and night, with supper, with lunch, with everything really," said Weaver as she loaded groceries outside of a Tallahassee Publix.

That could be changing for Weaver. While America careens toward a fiscal cliff, we're also on our way off a dairy cliff because of a not yet renewed Farm Bill. That could double the price of milk to nearly 8 bucks a gallon.

"That would make a big impact, however I am a proponent of milk for my children and their growing bones so it would be tough, but I would continue to use it, perhaps maybe not as much," said Weaver.

If the country does go off the 'dairy cliff,' that means we'll go back to a 1949 law that determined the milk price formula. The 1949 statue states that the government would have to buy dairy at twice today's price.

"We would have to pay it, it would be a necessity that we would have to have and we'd have to cut something else out," said shopper Beth Lambert.

The potential dairy dilemma could put another squeeze on the already tight wallet's of consumers.

"You know you have to use it, and it's important, to some degree you scale back, but it's still something that's necessary," said Weaver.

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