Do the Right Thing

Michael Plaster was sent to Iraq in the last year of his stint and spent a year there, but he says his experience overseas gives new meaning to the word home.

Michael Plaster spent one year on the front lines in the worn torn country of Iraq. Back from the battlefield to the backyard, he's standing on sacred ground helping cut the ribbon on his revamped home.

"This home in a third world country I've been to would be a mansion, it's not that here but it is to me and I am proud of my home and my family," says Michael.

Two months ago the Plaster palace was a house that wouldn't pass code. That's when volunteers like fellow soldier Lee Lamb stepped up to help out.

"He's a good friend and a good soldier, he worked under me. I wanted to help a fellow friend," said Lee Lamb.

With the recent renovations, the soldier and his family can now close on the home, a haven that holds special meaning.

"I grew up here and this is my dream home, have a lot of sentimental value and I wanted to raise my children here now I get the opportunity," added Antoinette Plaster.

All because of a project called “Do the Right Thing.”

"We are trying to send a message to soldiers overseas, don't worry about your families here we'll take care of them," said Phil Speake, the president of the Association of the United States Army.

"It just touches me so much," said a tearful Michael Plaster.

Do the Right Thing is the association of the United States Army initiative that supports soldiers serving overseas and their families.

The family support group Hooha, made of up soldiers from Company A of the Florida Army National Guard, recommended the Plaster family for the project.