Serving Alcohol to Teenagers

Two Leon County parents are under arrest for serving alcohol to dozens of teens at a high school graduation party. The Sheriff's Office says it’s a miracle that none of the minors were hurt or killed in a car accident after the party.

Neighbors around the huge house party called 9-1-1 after they noticed a prowler. When deputies arrived, they say they found something even more life threatening, intoxicated teens ready to drive home.

As the teens tried to get into their cars, deputies grabbed their keys then asked them where the party was. They said which home it was in. Once inside, deputies found a flowing keg of beer, which led to the arrest of Marty Hein and his wife, Gretchen.

LT Jimmy Williams with the Leon County Sheriff's Department says, "What's most concerning is, number one, the parents provided alcohol to these graduating seniors, and secondly they were allowing them to drive away from the party, 16,17,18 year-old kids have no business drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving after that."

Neighbors were furious the party disrupted the peace in this normally quiet neighborhood, and they hope the arrests teach the Hein’s to be more responsible with their teens.

"I hope they get the message and I hope they realize that we have a quiet neighborhood and we'd like to keep it that way. We'd like to be friendly with them, but they need to be respectful of us," says a neighbor.

Deputies say the neighbor who called in the complaint probably saved at least one life.

Williams adds, "Whoever called in that complaint last night should feel good today that they probably saved the life of a youth or somebody on the roadway last night."

Deputies say they will continue to be on the lookout for these kinds of parties throughout the holiday and graduation celebration weekend. Deputies say parents caught providing alcohol to minors will face charges, even if the parent is just trying to provide a so-called "safe" partying environment.