Touch One Thousand Lives Intiative

A recent FAMU graduate is asking the community for help. Not for herself, but for the children of a country that is plagued by HIV and AIDS.

Next month Eunice Cofie will make a medical mission to Ghana for a second time. In this Feature at Five we learn why she is so passionate.

Most of the children in Ghana have been orphaned due to AIDS. Recent FAMU graduate Eunice Cofie will be heading back to Ghana in June. During her last visit she saw how HIV was devastating the African country.

“While we were there we had a funeral for one of our patients, his name is Prosper and he is 18 years old. He got HIV from his mother, who got it from her husband. That's how it happens, most of the men have more than one wife or girlfriend,” says Eunice.

As part of the Student National Medical Association she taught AIDS prevention and also dispelled the many myths surrounding the disease.

“Their families will ostracize them, the community will ostracize them, kids will be teased by kids,” adds Eunice.

Through this life changing experience, Eunice realized the importance of education. She's vowed to bring back enough school supplies and books for 1,000 children.

If you would like to donate school supplies to Eunice's "touch a thousand children initiative", call (850) 894-8598.