Holiday Travel

Despite rising gas prices and increased security at airports and bus terminals, many of you are opting to travel this Memorial Day weekend.

AAA predicts that close to 37 million Americans will take trips this Memorial Day weekend, almost a four percent increase from last year, and it's likely motorists will see gas prices near $2 a gallon at their destinations.

Allison George, heading to Palm Beach, says, "I really want to go home this weekend, but it definitely depends on where I get my gas. I look for the cheaper prices

"It's expensive, but you know you've got to get from point A to point B," adds Carmale Jones, who is heading to Jacksonville.

You can expect this weekend for area law enforcement officials to be out in large numbers ticketing those who break the law.

The big weekend got off to a big start Friday evening as area bus stations and airports were filled to capacity with travelers. At the Tallahassee Regional Airport the huge crowds and added security didn't stop those wanting to see friends and family.

Beth Mann, visiting from North Carolina, says, "We'd planned this trip for a while and I was aware of all the terror threats, and the security, but I just dealt with it, got to the airport early. I had to take my shoes off, they went through my purse, but that was fine."

"It wasn't as busy as I thought it was, It's nice, pleasant, with a few bumps here and there," adds Flora Bell from Chicago.

Of course, we want to welcome those visiting the capital city and for those hitting the highway this weekend, remember to please slow down and buckle up!