Memorial Day Traveling

Traveling across the country in a car packed with loved ones? It's the all American vacation right? But if you forge tot tune up and stock up before you leave you could hit several speed bumps during your travels. That was the case for one Houston family.

Michael Cubacub said," We're traveling for one week to Disney Parks."

But before meeting Mickey Mouse the family car broke down in Tallahassee on a Sunday with no relief in sight.

"We needed to change oil but all establishments are closed" said Cubacub. A common problem stranded motorists run into on the weekends is the lack of help.

Patricia Mathis and her sister were waiting almost and hour in ninety-five degree heat until a wrecker came to their rescue.

"It's frustrating, very hot, frustrating" Mathis said.

To avoid these situations mechanics urge all motorists to get a tune up before taking road trips. In addition they say stock up on maintenance items such as water, oil and fluids for brakes, transmission and power steering. One more thing, always keep a spare tire in the car.

Michael Cubacub admits he should have been more diligent before leaving home, saying next time he won't leave the car shop without all fluids topped off.

"I will have my oil changed right away!" said Cubacub.

Another tip from mechanics, check the air pressure in your tires. You can find the amount needed written on your tires.