Marianna Shooting

It happened near Marianna. The shooting ended in the death of 20-year-old Fasheem Brown who was in a car with three other people. The suspects, Jason Pollock and Davan Dicky are charged with second degree murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle.

A little bar has become the scene of some very violent activity. A shooting here early Saturday morning left one man dead and sent another man to the hospital with a gunshot wound. We are told huge crowds gather here when the bar is open, but that is not the only problem. It is located right across the street from some of the quietest houses in the tiny town of Two Egg.

Neighbors were forced to run for cover as gunshots rang out. Some of the neighbors commented, "I know they was like shooting and fighting. That's all really that I heard."

Another neighbor said, “A quick look around and you can see the ground is cluttered with shotgun shells, these are buried well underneath the soil and have obviously been there for a while but it's a clear indication that this is not the first time guns have been brought here to the scene."

Neighbors are so on the edge that they refused to talk on camera. The Sheriff's investigators have finished working on the scene of the homicide, but their investigation of the cause behind the shooting continues.

The victim was found dead lying in a neighbor's yard Saturday morning.