Summer Nutrition for Students in Grady County

School is out and nutrition officials in Grady County say many kids don't get the same healthy meals dished out during the school year, so as a way to make sure kids are eating the right foods all year long, a program is in place to ensure healthy habits during the summer break.

Summer vacation is in full swing, but it’s lunch time and Southside Elementary School’s cafeteria is packed. The kids are ready to stuff themselves with a healthy meal at no charge.

Rhonda Keve, director of the school nutrition program, says, "One out of five children don't get that food they've been having during the school year, so any time parents are working or whatever this is an outlet. They can have nutritious meals."

The program called Seamless Summer mirrors nutrition guidelines from the regular school year. Kids serve up themselves one entree, salad and plenty of fruits and vegetables, and that sounds good to them..

Andre Sigler, who wants to eat healthy, says, "It's the best to get a nutritious meal because you can get exercise and vitamins, everything you need to stay strong."

Grady County School Nutrition Director says what's unique about this program is that it's not just limited to elementary school students. Anyone under the age of 18 is eligible for the program.

Keve adds, “Learning doesn't stop when school stops. It's different type of learning but it continues during the summer. This allows them to learn more and retain that information."

One thing they're learning is the importance of keeping up with a food regimen. That's good for their minds and bodies even when school's out.

Breakfast and lunch is served through the program, and more than 500 mouths are expected to be fed. Seamless Summer runs through July 9.