Tallahassee Wife, Mother and Soldier Honored

After a year in Baghdad, SGT Connie Bishop is back home with her family.

The Old Gospel Tabernacle welcomed Bishop back Tuesday evening with a celebration dinner.

Bishop was a lab technician for a forward support battalion, which she describes as a moving hospital emergency room.

There's a chance she may have to go back to Iraq, but right now Bishop is just enjoying being back home with her family.

SGT Connie Bishop says,” I couldn't wait to get home. It takes a little bit of getting used to. For a year I was used to taking care of myself and me only, making sure I didn't die and protecting myself, and now I'm back to my family and having to get used to being a mom taking care of three kids again, and of course my husband."

Bishop says what she appreciated most while overseas were all the prayers that she and her fellow soldiers received.