Mrs. Fixit

Thinking of changing your faucet but you don’t want to because you think it’s too big a project? Well, think again because the task is not as hard as you may think!

First shut off the water supply to your sink, and turn on the faucet to drain any water left in the lines. Spray the connections on the underside of the faucet with penetrating oil. Let it sit for about fifteen minutes while you’re gathering your supplies.

Then use a basin wrench to remove the tailpiece and mounting nuts from the faucet. This tool is worth its cost, it makes the job so much easier and eliminates frustration not to mention scuffed knuckles. Pull the faucet straight up and out of the sink.

Clean the sink with a scouring pad and white vinegar. Spread plumber’s putty on the base of the new faucet. Slip the tailpieces of the faucet into the openings in your sink; make sure it is straight, and press firmly to set the faucet in place.

Hand-tighten the lock nuts and then use your basin wrench to secure a quarter turn past hand tight. Connect the water supply lines to the tailpieces and tighten the coupling nuts. If you have a sprayer don’t forget to connect that line too. Before you turn the water on unscrew the aerator to blow any crud out of the lines.

Then just put the aerator back on and test your faucet, and as always it’s just that simple.

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