Headed to Camp

Two Tallahassee children diagnosed with cancer have beaten the odds. Now, it's time to celebrate. Before they head to summer camp they want to share their survival stories with you.

Meet Caleb Stanley-Gray, a typical 12-year-old who loves to strum the guitar and take the spotlight. Now meet Abbey Hopkins, a nine-year-old beauty with a contagious smile and loads of athleticism.

Both are happy, healthy children who've conquered the big “C”, cancer.

Abbey Hopkins says, “I had a tumor on kidney, now only have one kidney.”

Caleb Stanley-Gray adds, “I had Berkets Lymphoma in my head and neck on this side.”

Both onsets came hard and fast. Family members recall the scary moments. Some still tear up.

Shane Hopkins says it was a frightful flight to Shands Hospital when his only daughter was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor.

Shane Hopkins recalls, “When it ruptured it was inside the kidney. That was good thing.”

The same abrupt fear occurred with Caleb's family when his so-called ear infection grew into Bercatts lymphoma.

Luckily, both children lived to tell their story and are looking forward to sharing it with other kids as they head south to summer camp.

So the two are off to ROCK camp, courtesy of the American Cancer Society where they'll spend one week with 140 of their peers, all with great strength, all with similar stories, one's they hope they'll live to tell.

ROCK camp stands for reaching out to cancer kids. The American Cancer Society started the summer camp 28 years ago hoping to keep the kids minds off cancer and on their friends.